Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Dreams May Come

K-Lo gets terrifying:
Tonight I was over at the vice president's house for one of their holiday parties. It was like a gathering of old friends — friends who likely won't see the inside of the naval observatory for a bit. Cheney aides like David Addington. Conservative Hill aides. Bill Bennett ... Karl Rove.

And that's the picture I want for my Facebook page: Karl Rove with Dick Cheney; Karl was two behind me in the receiving line. Maybe Lynne Cheney will bring a signed copy for Jon Stewart next time she's on.

They could still come back in four ...

In the strange, shadowy world of K-Lo's fevered imagination Lynne Cheney still has the opportunity to carry on the Presidential Dynasty. No word on how her campaign will explain the soft-core lesbian porn passages in Lynne's legendary 1981 pulp non-bestseller Sisters (available as a .pdf file here).
if they can make that one fly, they might as well run Mary Cheney too.

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