Thursday, December 11, 2008

John Carter Of Mars

As just about anyone will have noticed, I am a stone-cold freak when it comes to the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century. So I was quite pleased to see that the Triad toy company has announced a licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. in order to produce a line of toys around his wonderful Mars novels. If it weren't for those books I would never have read War And Peace,or Jane Austen, or Homer, or anything. I presume this is being timed to coincide with the upcoming film project by Andrew "Wall-E" Stanton.
On a more ominous note, however, Disney's John Lassteter declines to confirm the Mars production: “I can’t comment on something that isn’t announced.”

Update: Here is an amazing few feet of excellent animation by the legendary Bob Clampett from the 1930's conception of a John Carter animated series. It looks to me that it would have compared very favorably to the Max Fleischer Superman series.

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