Monday, December 1, 2008

Otto The Anchorman

This is good ol' Otto the autopilot. We celebrate Otto today because I think he would make a fairly decent anchor for our evening news.
We may need Otto because, as it turns out, the local evening news anchor is an endangered least in terms of holding down their six figure salaries. Oh, the humanity. Funniest quote from the story:
When the anchors depart, they take decades of experience and insight with them. “Basically, you replace someone who knows City Hall with someone who can’t find it,” said John Beard, who lost his job at KTTV last December after 26 years as a news anchor in Los Angeles.

Stop it, you're killing me. Man, that is a really good one. First, it asks you to remember the last time you saw a City Hall story. Then it invites you to ask when the last time was that you saw a City Hall story that appeared prior to the boys downtown being ready for you to see it. Most local TV reporters have their hands full covering a pot hole, never mind the talking head anchors. Once we get used to Otto we won't miss these guys at all. Otto even has the same empty, fatuous, reassuring smile

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