Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wall Street Journal Blows It On Net Neutrality

The WSJ story annoyed me so much that I broke a cardinal rule and vented about it on C-Span's Washington Journal (humiliating, I know). Lessig has been spluttering about it for two days now, which is understandable as he was quoted as one of the "sources" for the article. Fred Benenson wraps up the problem with the article pretty tersely:

WSJ’s technology writers are either vastly under-skilled for such reporting or are interested in remaining ignorant of the real issues.
Edge caching does not violate network neutrality in the same way the telecommunications companies are interested in violating network neutrality. More specifically, Google’s movements to place caches at ISP level is not as controversial as the WSJ would like it to be. Despite having many opportunities to get the story right, the WSJ has repeatedly ignored the technological subtlety of the details and has misquoted others who were trying to set it straight.

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