Thursday, December 18, 2008

Truth Hurts

This idiot has a point:
What have the lefty blogs done? Ask Sen. Ned Lamont.

They haven’t stopped the war. They haven’t gotten one piece of legislation worth a spit signed into law. A $7.25 an hour minimum wage? McDonald’s pays $8 to start in West Virginia.

They take credit for getting a Democratic Congress. Mark Foley may disagree. But they have become prima donnas. It is comical to watch Reid and Pelosi hop to the command of their little masters — Lord Fauntleroys all. Impeach Bush. No, stop the war. No, raise taxes. No, inpeach Bush. No, stop the war.

All the lefty blogs have done is throw their own feces at the zookeepers.

Actually, we have no clout with Reid or Pelosi either. We are at total, epic fail on impeachment, taxation and peace.

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