Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Helen Rittlemeyer Fan Club

I would marry her in a second except that 1) the fact that I am a democrat might be a deal-breaker and 2) I think she would kill me. Plus, just as I don't eat dolphins, I never date women that I suspect might be smarter or cooler than I am (yes, that reduces the pool a bit). Oh, also I hate the term "post-modern" which she appears to dig.
But, other than all of that, she is The Nazz. Just in the last week she has given me more laughs than the rest of the bloggysphere combined. For your consideration, a couple of moments from the last week or so:

"Reihan Salam managed to get through an entire post about the conservative wing of the gay rights movement without using the term homocon, but I don't have his powers of restraint."

"To get a better feeling for how natural sadism is...,"

I'm not sure that one can imagine Larison with a genuine sense of humor, but if it could be done she would probably be it.

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