Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Megyn Kelly Commits Journalism

What has gotten into everybody? Nobody watches cable news to get informed....We watch it to see vapid but delectable hardbodies babble inanities. So I'm quite disappointed to note that some of these hotties actually know how to do their job, though fortunately they don't demonstrate it all the time. Is this just a regrettable fad, like Lindsey Lohan becoming a lesbian? First, Campbell Brown reduced Tucker Bounds to a whimpering, quivering blob of jelly, now Megyn Kelly - Fox News! - shows that she can do the same trick. Damn, folks, if I wanted the truth I would be watching C-Span.

Whatever they are paying Tucker Bounds isn't enough (by the way, doesn't he look a bit like Anthony Perkins in Psycho?). A little more treatment like this and he'll be one of those guys paying hot dominatrixs to degrade him. I wonder if that's how Dick Morris got into the toe-sucking thing.

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