Friday, September 5, 2008

Burning Chrome

I very much wanted to like Google's new Chrome, as I just sort of like the whole "cloud computing" idea. However, running XP with 512 RAM, and with three open tabs, Chrome turns out to be an incredible memory incredible I mean it will interfere with even simple applications that are running alongside it. Sucks up CPU, too. I see that this partly has to do with the design of the browser, as well as probably involving some bloated media-heavy webpages (the arstechnica site was a likely offender, and as one of the cooler Chrome features is the ability to check and see which webpages are the most poorly designed, I may use it again just to see what applet was eating all of my processor).

I really would like to be on board with Chrome, but there is just no way unless they reduce that footprint or until I get the next generation of PC.

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