Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man, I Hate Schools Like That.

I was just re-reading Gary Brecher's great article "Victor Davis Hanson: Portrait Of A Traitor" (more on that shortly) when I encountered his description of UC Santa Cruz:

Hanson graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1975. I don't know if you non-Californians understand what that means. UC Santa Cruz is the official sex-and-drugs campus of the whole UC system. It's so hippie-cool and mellow it doesn't even give grades, which are just too bourgeois. You just get little notes from your teachers. The kids who go there are rich brats who don't have to worry about getting a job-because graduating from there is like telling your future employers you were stoned for four straight years.

And Hanson graduated from there in 1975. I can only dream about what it must've been like to be a student at Santa Cruz back then, at the climax of the hippie days. I seriously doubt if anybody on that campus was un-stoned from enrollment to graduation, or un-laid for more than a week.

That's all very nice but those of us who went to Bennington know that Santa Cruz had a rep for bunk drugs and lame, frigid women. Just sayin'. All of that explains a lot about Hanson though, now that I think on it.

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