Monday, February 23, 2009

Luskin Riots?

Gee, did I say something about a public impulse toward gibbets and guillotines? I go over the top sometimes. don't I? Except that it is a matter of real concern in London. From the Guardian:
Britain's most senior police officer with responsibility for public order raised the spectre of a return of the riots of the 1980s, with people who have lost their jobs, homes or savings becoming "footsoldiers" in a wave of potentially violent mass protests.

Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police's public order branch, told the Guardian that middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year.

He said that banks, particularly those that still pay large bonuses despite receiving billions in taxpayer money, had become "viable targets". So too had the headquarters of multinational companies and other financial institutions in the City which are being blamed for the financial crisis.

Luskin, Santelli and the rest of the hoo-hah gang need to wake up to how bad things could get. It may be that we need to worry less about the comparisons to 1929 and more about Jacques Necker and the clueless aristocrats on the eve of The Terror.

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