Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dollhouse - Episode 2

OK, I confess, I enjoy Joss Wheadon. Or at least I liked Firefly. And Mad Men and Breaking Bad aren't around so I gave this show a try. The pilot was more or less a huge disappointment, mostly due to the rigorous "stand-alone" episode format which Wheadon has said was imposed on him from above.

But I persevered and gave the thing another try and sho' nuff, the second episode showed a modest improvement....not the plot of the episode itself, which was yet another rehash of "The Most Dangerous Game", but at least you could feel a fairly complex backstory trying to break out as Echo (the dramatically challenged Elisha Dushku) begins to come unstitched at the old psychological seams. And, as a matter of fact, her non-personality is unraveling at such a pace as to make one wonder how they are going to keep the Island-like premise of the show's setting going for very long.

Another word about Elisha Dushku: she's just awful. I quite dig the scarfaced lady doctor, though.

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