Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Less Supine Media

Not exactly a news flash, but an interesting article anyway. In Tulsa, the daily paper is far too cheap to allocate the resources for any decent coverage of local affairs and is hopelessly compromised by it's way-too-cozy relationship with the realty and construction interests that call the shots downtown. Local television, by it's nature, does not do this kind of coverage well, though I think some of the reporters might try if the stations devoted more than 2 seconds to City Hall stories. The only time that they wake up is when some festering injustice finally comes to a head and bursts, as happened with the recent White City boondoggle.

As I have mentioned before, Michael Bates does some actual shoe-leather style reporting on this kind of thing and gets the satisfaction of having the Tulsa World studiously ignore him. Unfortunately, Bates is only one guy and has a life outside of Batesline and the Urban Tulsa. The rest of the blogging community is mostly stuck at snarky comments and even those usually come too late to affect the outcome. It would be nice if Tulsa had a decently funded alternative to the World....one with a little bit more of an adversarial relationship to the boys and girls around the Mayor's office.

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