Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Despise Joe Lieberman

There are hardly words in the English Language to describe the metaphysical level of my contempt for the guy. This goes way, way back to before he got the nod to be Gore's VP pick. He is a self-righteous scold, a hypocrite, a war-monger and a shameless proselytizer for Israeli interests. His indifference to and contempt for the Constitution is palpable. He also looks like a mummified Howdy Doody.

I had high hopes that Obama would demand his head, a la "Senator Lieberman, Barack Corleone send you his regards". At least Sanders and Leahy said what should be said. The Democratic caucus has failed yet again. In four years Connecticut again will get the chance to throw the bum out. Till then we're fucked. Make no mistake, this treacherous bastard will cause us headaches again. He's frigging Iago, for God's sake.

Between this and the rumors about Clinton as Secretary of State, it looks like a full house of bad news. Let's put Rep. Dingell in charge of the GM bailout, while we're at it.

UPDATE: Jane Hamsher puts it beautifully.

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