Monday, October 6, 2008

Plus They Were Exposed To Gamma Rays

The bizarre conservative sexualizing of all things Palin apparantly extends to hubby Todd. Here's Steve Sailer, revealing a hitherto unsuspected aspect of his personality. Who knew he dug rough trade? Talk about a bear hug:
Consider, for example, Palin’s husband Todd. What kind of man could be married to a woman so hormonally exuberant, with her dual archetypes straight out of a Camille Paglia reverie: half Alaskan Amazon, half Venus of Willendorf? Exactly the kind you’d expect: he works as both a North Slope oilfield roughneck and a salmon fisherman. He’s also won the state’s snowmobile championship, the 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog race, four times. He only finished fourth this year because he had to ride the last 400 miles with a broken arm after being thrown 70 feet. Did I mention he’s part Eskimo?
Eskimo. How exotic. Do you come here often?

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