Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Blue Penis Post

Is he hung? Listen punk,
He's got radioactive spunk

Phoebe Connelly points out that the furor over Dr. Manhattan's Olympic-sized indigo dong is indicative of our culture's discomfort with the penis. She is right. I'm even uncomfortable in the presence of my own penis, never mind someone else's blue and radioactive one.
I used to go out with a lady who worked at the nuthouse in Concord, NH. One of her "clients" was frightened by his own erections.....if he got a hard-on he would take out running, as though he could somehow flee from the damn thing. I think I have felt much the same way myself. Seems like there is a metaphor there, somewhere.


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  2. I have seen some odd spam before, but I confess that Pearly Penile Papules is a new one on me. I really think this would work as a half hour infomercial, because even the phrase scares the holy fuck out of me.

    I would like to think of a way to work this into a broader discussion of Dr. Manhattan's prick, but I am just not sure that it can be anyone.